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Our Services

Premier Health Partners allows you to take the guesswork out of Emergency Medicine management with a Clinical Operations leadership team of clinically active physicians and current hospital executives who know what it takes to manage a successful emergency department.

Your emergency department is the front door to your hospital and what happens there has implications for your hospital’s entire operation. Everything from capacity, through-put and reimbursement to patient satisfaction, quality of care and physician recruitment will drive your emergency department’s success or failure. How you approach and deal with these issues has a direct impact on your hospital’s overall productivity, profitability and community perception.

Enhanced Performance and Profitability

The challenges in the emergency department can be numerous: capacity and through-put, reimbursement, patient satisfaction, quality provider recruitment. How you approach and deal with these challenges have a direct impact on your hospital’s overall productivity and profitability. By addressing the aforementioned issues of recruitment, patient satisfaction and accountability through reporting, Premier Health Partners can help position your hospital for greater departmental performance and ultimately, greater profitability.

Improved Patient Satisfaction

Premier Health Partners’ purpose is to provide guidance and expertise that will help open the “front door of your hospital” to the community and enhance your emergency department’s operational efficiency and effectiveness. We must create “Raving Fans;” patients and their family members who will tell their friends and family of the unexpectedly wonderful experience they had in the emergency department. Our patients should be our most productive marketing tool.

Furthermore, your emergency department’s Medical Director and physicians shouldn’t be strangers to their community. We require each of our Directors to become active on hospital committees and encourage all providers to engage in the local community both professionally and socially. Nothing is more powerful than to have a friendly and familiar face treating you in the emergency department in your time of need.

Local, Clinically Active Medical Leadership

We practice where we work. Premier Health Partners corporate Clinical Operations team and Medical Directors actively work clinical shifts in our client facilities. Additionally, our Regional Directors communicate with and meet regularly with your leadership team ensuring we are in touch with the day-to-day operations of your emergency department and hospital.

Benchmark-Driven Data Management Reporting

Premier Health Partners delivers measurable data performance results. Our online portal provides clients monthly reports measuring such benchmarks as Patient Satisfaction, Left Without Being Seen, Average Length of Stay and Admission Rate by physician, AMA’s and Time to Provider. Another key element of our results management process includes an exclusive monthly Performance Assessment Scoring System (PASS) utilizing web-based EMR’s. These reports deliver clinical performance outcomes on a case-by-case basis.

Proactive and Strategic Physician Recruitment

Premier Health Partners employs proven recruitment processes and best practices to assist in making sure shifts are staffed, patients are cared for and providers are given ample opportunity to grow professionally. We conduct regular on-site visits and maintain consistent communication with hospital leadership that includes updates and reports in support of recruiting efforts. Our Recruiting and Marketing departments work hand in hand to deliver strategic marketing and advertising efforts. Some of the tools we employ include:

Emergency Department Case Management

Premier Health Partners Disease Management targets populations and patients diagnosed with a chronic disease (Ex: CAD, DM, CHF, COPD, asthma).

Our Care Coordination targets patients who need assistance moving through the continuum of care; helping patients understand and adhere to a treatment plan, office visits and referrals, and navigation of the General Relief systems and DSHS Mental Health System.

Premier Health Partners has in place a Complex Case Management system that targets patients capable of improving their health; support from a case manager to be more involved in managing health.

PCP Engagement (with patient) where we build relationship. Achieve shared understanding of medical condition. Additional work-up and consultation. High-frequency visits and contacts to provide continuity, develop a plan or different approach, monitor response and pre-empt ED visits. Plan care collaboratively (Care Plan).

Opioid Guideline

Premier Health Partners multi-disciplinary approach is a collaboration (in person, phone or e-mail) between health professionals for review of care, care planning and coordinated care delivery.

Premier Health Partners will Identify unknown high utilizing patients by: 

(a) confirm patient’s PCP choice;

(b) help initiate or reinforce patient - clinician relationship;

(c) help identify driver of patient behavior and next step;

(d) help develop a comprehensive, coordinated and collaborative approach to care;

(e) MAXIMIZE adherence to follow-up visits, treatment plans and referrals.

At Premier Health Partners we intend on maximizing follow-up visits, treatment plans and referrals by initiating the following three steps:

(Step-1) by educating patients about ED alternatives;

(Step-2) assisting patients in navigating the mental health system;  

(Step-3) reducing or elimination chaos and frustration.

Premier Health Partners will manage high cost patients with more predictable, desired outcomes.

More about our Services

Premier Health Partner’s  experience, clinical talent, leadership and resources can transform your emergency department into a center of excellence. This reputation has been built through the dedicated professionalism of our clinicians and administrative support team and will allow your hospital to truly become a World Class Institution”.

We bring to all of our hospital partners:

     ¥ Clinical excellence

     ¥ Strong tenured physician leadership

     ¥ Stable group of highly credentialed physicians and associate practitioners

     ¥ Long-term partnership with the medical staff, nursing staff, administration and the community

     ¥ Commitment to ongoing, data-driven improvement

     ¥ Proven solutions for improving and sustaining patient and medical staff satisfaction

     ¥ Customized best practice programs for analyzing and improving all facets of ED operations

                Efficiency and productivity
                CMS indicators
                Turnaround times
                Nursing satisfaction and performance
                Market share
                Regulatory compliance
                Facility revenue

     ¥ True partnership with our client hospitals for mutual success

Why Premier?

Premier is focused on the future and helping hospitals achieve, sustain and accelerate exceptional clinical, operational and financial outcomes. The company's leadership is hard at work developing innovative ways to support hospitals in their efforts to best address the rapid changes occurring in the industry in this pay-for-performance era. Integrating services across multiple hospital-based clinical specialties will help.

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